Lamplighter Montessori APPLICATION CHECKLIST

Part 1

  • Schedule a tour of the school.

  • Complete the online application ($100 per family).

  • Provide records from any previous school or childcare program.

  • Schedule your child’s admission visit.

Part 2

  • Upon acceptance, submit the contract along with a
    $500 deposit to reserve your child’s spot.

  • Provide business office with preferred method of tuition payment: ACH bank draft form or credit card authorization form.

  • Purchase nap mat and cover for students 4 yrs and younger.

  • Respond to email and text prompts to join school’s communication and record keeping services: REMIND and Transparent Classroom (be sure to enter in your cell-phone carrier in order for photo messages to be delivered).

  • Follow all e-mail prompts to complete digital school forms.

  • Be sure to upload an up-to-date immunization record for your child on a current TN Immunization form.

  • View supply list and prepare items for child’s first day of school.


Please Note: Lamplighter is committed to meeting the needs of each student enrolled. In order to provide a child-centered education, teachers need all relevant information about a child. It is the responsibility of the parents or caregiver to disclose any diverse learning or developmental needs the child may have, whether diagnosed or suspected. Failure to do so is subject to invalidating the enrollment contract and cause for immediate dismissal. 

  • Provide results of any special testing if applicable:

- Speech and/or hearing therapy
- Psychological/Educational assessments
- Neurological evaluations
- Eye exams (beyond routine)
- Testing for a giftedness or learning differences

  • If child has not been assessed, provide a written developmental history/overview/snapshot with specific examples of suspected needs and what interventions have been used up to this point.