Admission Procedure

  1. Visit the school to learn about the Montessori method of education.

  2. Fill out an application to get the process started. Pay the $100 application fee.

  3. We will contact you to set up an admission visit. Your child visits the classroom to ensure Lamplighter is a good fit.

  4. A contract is issued. $500 deposit with signed contract reserves your child's spot.

Visit the school to learn about the Montessori method of education.

During the first visit to our school we will discuss the benefits of a Montessori education for your child  You will also tour the school and see a Montessori classroom in action. Click here to schedule a school tour.

Some differences you may notice between our classrooms and a traditional classroom are:

  • Students are encouraged to challenge themselves with the classroom lessons.
  • Students work at their own level of accomplishment and at their own pace.
  • Students are encouraged to take initiative and pursue topics of individual interest while still completing the expected level of learning across the curriculum.
  • Students are able to work individually or collaboratively to complete the lessons.

Children come for a classroom visit.

During the classroom visit children spend time in the classroom under the supervision of a classroom teacher.

Click here to schedule a classroom visit.

  • Toddler students and families meet with the classroom teacher and fill out a skills assessment.
  • Early childhood students spend approximately 45 minutes in the classroom.
  • Elementary and Middle School students spend a minimum of one full day in the classroom, up to one week.

During the classroom visit, teachers will show your child how to use some of the classroom materials. Your child will also be able to work with other students in the classroom. This visit affords you and Lamplighter the opportunity to determine how well your child will thrive in a Montessori school.