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In its most basic sense, Montessori education focuses on child-led learning. Students are encouraged to be the directors of their own study, identifying and pursuing projects that interest them, with the teacher serving as a guide to their learning.

Montessori students learn the concepts and skills you can expect any curriculum to teach; however, they are guided throught the discovery process to spark excitement for school projects and ignite curiosity about gaining new knowledge. In the Montessori classroom, a group of children will be using golden bead material to perform four-digit subtraction, while another student is squaring and cubing numbers using sets of beads. Some will be eagerly starting a complex art, history, or science project that might take days to finish. But they aren't distracted by a looming deadline. It is more liberating and supportive to value the process of learning new concepts and its understood that children will progress through the robust curriculum at their own pace. The Montessori approach considers the development of the whole child — physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

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