Early Childhood

Mrs. Jane Beaty and Ms. Adriana Schillace

November 13, 2017

The children enjoyed another lesson from Ms. Payne on Love Lights this week. If a child forgets and brings home a small yellow felt circle with or without a pin on it, please send it back to school. These are our classroom love lights that we put on our clothing when we are feeling good!

Grandparents’ Day (November 21) is fast approaching, and we are so excited! Invitations to send to grandparents for this special day went home last week. Please let us know if you did not received yours.

Although this event is designed to give grandparents an opportunity to see the children at work in our classroom, we understand that some grandparents are not able to attend. In this case, a family friend (babysitter, neighbor, aunt, or uncle), or even a parent, may stand in. We hope that everyone will have at least one visitor on this day. Please let us know if no one is available to visit your child on this day, so we can help him or her understand.

This week we will continue to study the symbols of autumn, with a focus on the story of the first Thanksgiving. We have a new work on the shelf, the parts of the turkey, and a couple of other Thanksgiving related works. The children are especially enjoying the experience of scrubbing a pumpkin in practical life. This activity teaches sequencing, attention to detail, and concentration.

The kindergarten students will continue their study of habitats, finishing up with the rainforest habitat and a taking brief look at oceans. In studying the different habitats, we will focus on:

  • the characteristics animals and plants have evolved for survival in different habitats
  • the importance of the different habitats and the many useful items they provide that we use in our everyday lives.

Thank you to the Pauli family for providing our snacks this week.

Have a great week!

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