Early Childhood

Mrs. Jane Beaty and Ms. Adriana Schilace

March 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thanks to everyone who came for conferences on Friday. If you missed the opportunity for your conference, but still wish to have one, please contact Ms. Beaty.

This week, we will continue to study Africa and are expecting a special visitor to talk to us about Nigeria on Friday. We are also still studying birds, their life cycle, the parts of birds, and how to recognize different types of birds.

Next Sunday, April 2, is our annual Art Show from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. The students have been working very hard on their contributions. We hope to see everyone there.

Almost everyone has brought snacks for two weeks so far this year, and a couple have brought them three times. We still need families to sign up to bring snacks for the remaining weeks, starting with April 17. Please contact Ms. Beaty to sign up for one of the upcoming weeks.

Have a great week!

Snack Schedule:

March 27-31:                Merchant
April 3-7:                      Kujovic
April 10-13:                  Patel
April 17-21:                  Open
April 24-28:                  Open
May 1-5:                       Open
May 8-12:                     Open
May 15-19:                   Open
May 22-26:                   Open


Snack Suggestions: Fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, cuties, bananas, apples, blueberries, melon); fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery, cucumber, grape tomatoes)—optional dipping sauce acceptable (hummus, ranch, dip); trail mix; granola bars; natural applesauce; rice cakes or other whole-grain crackers; Cheerios (plain, please); cheese (sticks and single-serving packs are preferred); yogurt in small cups; whole-grain bread (bagel, etc.) with a light spread; pretzels; raisins; whole-grain tortilla chips with mild salsa. No popcorn, please.


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