Lower Elementary

Ms. Sharon Brandon

November 13, 2017

What a joy to talk with you about your amazing children recently at Parent Teacher Conference Day. We are having fun working and learning together. Some of our accomplishments are learning new materials like addition and multiplication, discovering nouns in the farm boxes, using the dictionary for dictation cards, reading and discussing new stories, caring for the classroom, memorizing math facts, map making after learning the names of continents, countries, or states, writing sentences, helping friends, reading and labeling the shapes in the geometric cabinet, drawing, perfecting proof reading skills, and producing neat and organized papers.

Thank you for supporting the Family Fun Run!

Everyone enjoyed eating pancakes with maple syrup at the 2017 Annual Fund Pancake Breakfast. Our class ate a total of 38 pancakes. Thank you for coming!

After completing a calendar for November, we noticed that November began on a Wednesday, contains 30 days, and has several special events like the Fun Run, the Pancake Breakfast, a field trip at the end of month, a classmate is another year older, Thanksgiving which is always on the fourth Thursday, as well as, Grandparents Day.

We are enjoying a collection of books about Thanksgiving, Native Americans, and Grandparents.

Have a great week!

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