Lower Elementary

Ms. Sharon Brandon

October 16, 2017

Repetition is the secret of perfection”-Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child, p.92

Montessori educators value repetition. Repetition increases success. Repetition of work allows the student to practice, master, and retain material. Daily repetition gives needed practice and reinforcement. The student learns through repetition and memorization.  Memorization of basic facts for addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division is an important work in the Lower Elementary. The students use a variety of Montessori math materials to learn and practice facts. Some of the materials are the addition strip board, the subtraction strip board, bead stairs, finger charts, and control charts. Another activity is called Crazy Math. Crazy Math is an opportunity for students to identify math problems that they can answer quickly and identify problems that they still need to master.

Parent/Teacher Conference Day is Tuesday, October 31. You may schedule your conference by calling the front office at 751.2000.

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