Lamplighter Montessori School provides a world-class, student-centered educational experience designed to foster each child's talents, self-discovery, and love of learning.


● Every student can learn.
● Students learn in different ways and are provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.

● The Montessori method is an effective educational program that fosters maximum achievement for students. They become confident, intrinsically motivated, lifelong learners.

● A variety of learning experiences and authentic assessments demonstrate student mastery.

● Lamplighter is a community of learners, valued for their unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional gifts.

● Teachers, staff, administrators, board members, parents, students, and community members share responsibility for creating a supportive learning environment.

● The Lamplighter Montessori School community is committed to continuous school improvement.



Lamplighter regularly participates in the rigorous process of self-study and assessment to identify school strengths and opportunities for improvement. We strive to exceed expectations by continually striving to be our best. Each year, Lamplighter administers the Employee Engagement Surveys, Faculty Satisfaction Surveys, Board Health Surveys, and Family Satisfaction Surveys. We use the data to compile reports, and "close the loop" by responding to themes in parent input. Furthermore, Lamplighter utilizes a SWOT analysis to periodically capture more robust qualitative employee feedback to "keep our finger on the pulse" and determine how well we are working towards our goals.