Lamplighter News
May 29th, 2018 

The Family Satisfaction Survey ended with an astounding 68% participation rate! This is truly amazing. We will consider all of your input in our future planning. In fact, we are already making numerous improvements and changes based on your recommendations. Expect to see more after school club offerings next year, progress towards a MakerSpace, and an active parent organization with more opportunities! We will include a more detailed report of our survey findings and school response in the summer mailing. Thank you again for your participation!

Thank you to all of our families for being such valuable members of the Lamplighter community. Speaking on behalf of all of the staff, we are going to miss seeing all of the students bustling through the building during the summer. Thank goodness for Summer Camp!!

See you at Mayfest this Thursday, May 31st from 12:00pm-2:00pm!!

  • The standard 12 noon dismissal is still in place.

  • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 12:00pm to their parent.

  • You are invited to stay for our Mayfest Magician and Food Truck Festivities.

  • Please note: Students will not be chaperoned by teachers for any portion of the event. Parents are required to attend with their child or else pick up at 12:00 noon for standard dismissal. 


News from the Stacks

Submitted by: Elise Rodriguez, Librarian

LMS students and teachers are bound for the Czech Republic this week. We have sampled a traditional Czech menu of goulash, haluski, sauerkraut/potato soup,kiebasa, rye bread, red cabbage, strudel and kolacky cookies. We will unlock the treasures from the Memphis in May Cargo Crate; work on a Lego version of Prague Castle, witness the beauty of the astrological clock, consider the power and purpose of Golem and more. 

As you ready your family for summer, here are some highlights from our Library experiences this year which will at the very least make for awesome car ride conversations:


  • Our story-time song: 

If you are ready for a story, have a seat,
If you are ready for a story, have a seat,
If you are ready for a story, tap your fingers & tap your feet. 
If you are ready for a story, enjoy your seat!

Early Childhood: 

  • new plush additions in the Library with Cordelia, Timothy the Mammoth, & Mo Willem’s Pigeon!
  • BIG floor books on the solar system & dinosaurs
  • sharing a book with a friend
  • building towers, sewing cards, Learning Palette, puzzles
  • voting unanimously for Volunteer State Book Award titles; I Want to be a Frog (by: Devorah Petty) was the LMS Early Childhood favorite!
  • reading the 2018 Caldecott winner: Wolf in the Snow (by: Matthew Cordell)
  • Kindergarteners: checking out (& remembering to return!) books; fiction/non-fiction & the Dewey Decimal System!

Lower Elementary:

  • Befriending Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
  • Mark Twain throwing his shirts out the window when a button was missing
  • Dewey Decimal Bingo
  • Book Talking!
  • Recommending a book to a friend.
  • Pot Luck Book Fair with glow-in-the-dark fun!
  • Casting votes in the student-choice Volunteer State Book Award program
  • Read-aloud & discussion moments

Upper Elementary:

  • Reflecting on Tom Sawyer’s choices.
  • Following Sam Clemens’ life and works, such as his job writing postcards from a cruise ship for three newspapers!
  • Checkers, Sudoku, building blocks, puzzles, doodle cards
  • Book Talking!
  • Dewey Decimal System
  • Exploring a different genre
  • Current events & debates
  • Writing & editing: Wax Museum & MMUN

Middle School: Thank you for making my first MMUN NYC trip so memorable! Flying, walking, touring, chaperoning, conferencing & simply coming to the table together for a meal. Thank you too, Ms. King, for inviting me to join your class on the Little Rock immersion trip. I have worked behind the scenes with the LMS civil rights curriculum and to stand with all of you in Little Rock’s Central High School was a life-changing experience for me.

Battle of the Books Club: three cheers for our reading, battle lunches, Monday carline meetings & our super trophy win!

LMS students and I have jumped in and out of stories all year long. They are ready to bring storytelling home to you. Thank you in advance for going to the library together, reading in the park, discovering a Little Free Library and donating a book. We will keep an eye out for each other in the library stacks!

*Thank you to Chigozie Mason, Marie Cory, Sharon Brandon, Carolyn Goocher and Sally Harville for contributing their talents and helping hands to our Czech Republic immersion this week.



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