Current News From Lamplighter

More words of thanks for all the families who supported funraising events for the MMUN program this year.

Cameron Panter:   

Thank you for helping the 6th,7th, and 8th graders get to New York City. Thank you for all your help getting us to New York. We couldn’t have done it without all the lunch orders and all the parents of students. The food was very good. Again thank you for all of your help.

I had so much fun at MMUN 2018. At the MMUN conference I met a lot of nice people and I also made new friends. I also got to get better at speaking in public by saying speech in my committee room. I also got to speak at the UN building. I had an amazing time at MMUN 2018.

Elise Jang:

I am Elise Jang, and I am so happy to have had your support to go to New York. I would first like to thank my teachers Mrs.Haynes for getting our tickets and booking our flight, Ms.Walker for guiding us and keeping us safe, Ms. King for getting our food and keeping us on track, and Mrs.Rodriguez for staying at the back of the line so that no one would fall back without notice. I would also like to thank our head of school Mrs.Sampson for allowing 6th-8th graders to go to New York, Mrs.Harvile for calculating our money for our hotel rooms and everything necessary and fun, and all MMUN parents who supported us with money pins or supported their child or children.

At first I never knew how much time and effort it took to get eleven students and five teachers to New York, until now. I appreciate all the people at Montessori who supported us and all the people outside of school. I just wish that the people, you, who supported us could have been there to see and smile at everything in New York. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support.

In New York I enjoyed the sights and time put into this trip. I enjoyed the food, tastes, and desserts. I especially enjoyed the memories of being with my friends and laughing with them. I hope this can put a smile on your face and possibly a good natured laugh inside for hearing about our good time in New York. THANK YOU!

Julian Moore:

My name is Julian Moore and I’m a sixth grader. I would like to thank my parents, the Scholten family, Mrs. Sampson, Ms. Walker, Mrs. Haynes and other parents. I liked what you gave us and how much money you spent on this trip. It is a great honor to say thank you for this trip. I liked the trip because we got to go to other places I had never been to before. I have been to New York once but this second time was the best trip. The New York-New Jersey style pizza was delicious at John’s pizza. The other restaurants that we went to were delicious with a big variety. At lunch, at Juniors, on Wednesday, I had a burger and then a hot fudge chocolate ice cream sundae. It was sweet and delicious.

The group and I walked around Times Square. At night, all the buildings were very lit up and it was almost like it wasn’t night. I took a bunch of photographs. I met friends in the Committee room. I met friends from all over the world: one was from Canada and one from Mexico. I had an opportunity to go inside the United Nations building. Their security was more intense than the airport. I had to take off my belt and watch. There were different committees and topics all over the room. There were people who spoke in the microphone. A lot of topics were very interesting to listen to. Even the resolutions were very creative. I enjoyed my U.N. trip.

Dates To Remember:

March 29: Parent-Teacher Conferences - No Classes 
March 30: All School Holiday - No Classes
April 8: Art Show, 2:00 PM


Please remember to contact the front office 901-751-2000 to schedule your Parent-Teacher conference on Thursday, March 29th.