Curriculum: Early Childhood

Montessori for Students 3 years old through Kindergarten

In this three-year program, Early Childhood students learn in a multi-age setting. Their environment is filled with beautiful materials designed to engage young learners.

These Montessori materials ease students into beginning reading and mathematics. Practical life, sensorial and pre-writing skills are developed. Students are also introduced to cultural studies, a foreign language, science, music, MakerSpace, art, physical education and beginning library skills. Students learn individually and in small groups. Students also learn the process of peaceful conflict resolution and are introduced to mindfulness.


  • MakerSpace focuses on building creativity through open-ended inquiry, design thinking, and engineering activities. 
  • MakerSpace builds critical thinking skills through Brain Games, electric circuitry, coding, robotics, 3-D printing, a Lego Lab, and more!
  • Students have guided instruction once per week and monthly Open Labs.


  • Instruction in different media is offered and available on a daily basis.
  • Art activities are integrated in the classroom curriculum as an extension of learning.
  • Visiting guest artists regularly teach special classes on their craft.

Foreign Language

  • Introduction to Mandarin writing, vocabulary building and simple conversation is offered with supporting materials available to students on a daily basis.


  • Story time and beginning library science lessons are offered by the librarian once a week.
  • Shelf-work relating to the story will be available throughout the week.

Orff Music

  • Instruction includes movement to music, matching pitch, rhythm exercises, note reading, singing and identifying orchestral families.
  • Music group is presented on a weekly basis.