Curriculum: Early Childhood

Montessori for Students 3 years old through Kindergarten

In this three-year program, Early Childhood students learn in a multi-age setting. their environment is filled with scientifically designed manipulatives that engage young learners.

These Montessori materials ease students into beginning reading and mathematics. Practical life, sensorial and pre-writing skills are developed. Students are also introduced to cultural studies, a foreign language, science, music, art, physical education and beginning library skills. Students learn individually and in small groups.


  • Instruction in different media is offered and available on a daily basis.
  • Art activities are also integrated in the curriculum as a part of cultural studies.

Foreign Language

  • Introduction Spanish vocabulary building and simple conversation is offered with supporting materials available to students on a daily basis.


  • Story time and beginning library science lessons are offered by the librarian once a week.
  • Shelf- work relating to the story will be available throughout the week.


  • Age appropriate songs, students practice moving to music, matching pitch and rhythm, and are introduced to instrument families, staff and pre-reading exercises.
  • Music group is presented on a weekly basis.