Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. Madden

October 16, 2017

Hi everybody, we hope you’ve had a nice weekend. We started our week having lots of lessons on the new works we’ve prepared for this new season; our students are enjoying them very much and look very excited about learning new skills.

Here are some of the works that will help our students some of their small muscles skills:

  • Hammering
  • Clipping clothes on a cloth line
  • Cutting Velcro fruits and vegetable
  • Peanut shelling
  • Opening and closing locks
  • Lacing (making a necklace with pieces of straws)

Also during last week, we practice several exercises that help us to improve our gross muscle skills; some of the exercises include walking like animals (crab, bear, inchworms, gorilla, snake, bird flapping, and donkey kicks). We’ve enjoyed having time for our peace ceremony and to practice our peace pledge; we also had the opportunity to practice our quiet/listening skills while we work on one of the new materials on the shelf (listening instrumental music using headphones). We’ve had a wonderful week; we worked very hard and enjoyed the cool temperatures that allowed us to go on a nature walk this past Friday. We concluded our week having a small picnic by the garden!

Important things to remember:

  1. Montessori Fits is this coming Thursday; we hope to see you for this special event.
  2. Parent teacher conferences sheets are available for parents to sign in, please choose the time that best works for you.
  3. Return Monday folder, mat cover, pizza and lunch forms on time please.
  4. Please check your child’s extra clothes and change them for weather appropriate ones.
  5. Each child needs to bring a water bottle to school every day.


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