Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. Madden

March 20 2018

Dates To Remember:

March 29: Parent-Teacher Conferences - No Classes
March 30: All School Holiday - No Classes
April 8: Art Show, 2:00 PM

Welcome back to all our families, we hope your have enjoyed your spring break! The week before our spring break we spent some time talking more in depth about spring. We reviewed some important facts about plants such as the plant cycle and we also talked about the four basic needs of all living things (air, food, water, and shelter).

Other important skills we’ve learned during last week:

  • Kindergarteners finished their unit on the solar system. They’ve created a beautiful solar system made out of construction paper; they have enjoyed all their lessons this past third term and they preparing themselves for more exciting ones. Thanks Ms. Adriana for working with our kindergarteners and for teaching them wonderful things.
  •  We continue learning more about Africa; we’ve learned some interest facts about some animals such as the ostrich, the Zebra, the African fox, the Hyena, the Topi, the Jackal, and the Nyala among others. We also had the opportunity to admire some beautiful African objects Ms. Sampson, Ms. Brandon, and our friend Sebastian brought to the classroom for us to learn more about this magnificent continent. Among those objects were a beautiful African dress and a colorful textile, an African women doll, money from Sierra Leon and Egypt, baskets, a quilt with African fabric, and a music instrument (African maracas) just to give you an idea. Thanks Ms. Sampson and Sebastian for sharing these African objects with the class.



  • Parent-teacher conferences are schedule for March, 29th. Please call the front office to schedule your conference.
  • All school holiday, March, 30th.
  • Don’t forget to send Monday folder, mat cover, and pizza/lunch forms back to school on time.
  • Weather is changing rapidly; please check your child’s cubby for a change of clothes.


Have a wonderful week!


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