Lamplighter students enjoy weekly lessons and open lab time in our innovative MakerSpace equipped with a robust range of STEM resources and art materials. Students explore robotics, coding, electrical engineering, Lego Lab building, Rube Goldberg challenges, brain games, and a wide range of engineering and building materials.

While there are countless examples of their academic achievements, building complex structures, and solving complicated problems, we especially enjoy seeing their corresponding excitement and amazement when they make a discovery or construct something new. Students can experiment, explore, and see how far their imaginations take them. Each session, someone figures out something new to do with the programmable robots, electric circuits, or lego lab. Students also benefit from guided instruction using inquiry-based learning strategies that focus on developing each child's critical thinking skills. They creatively solve problems with the design thinking process. 

Students hone their emerging art skills through in-depth artist studies, working with various art tools and mediums, and learning a range of techniques. The teacher provides regular art instruction, and students work on the corresponding project, with no limit on their creativity, details, or time. We encourage in-depth attention to each endeavor. There are multiple opportunities to perfect art skills and learn new techniques. Read and join our MakerSpace Blog