Lamplighter Montessori School is nestled in a secluded nook off the main road in old Cordova "the town." We are surrounded by a canopy of large trees perfect for exploration and imaginative play as well as natural woods we have intentionally preserved. There are rolling greens and fields for sports and recreation and developmentally appropriate playgrounds for each grade level.

A large outdoor pavilion provides valuable shade during recess, and ample space for meetings, gatherings, and performances. Outdoor work spaces are set up across the campus for all classrooms to use throughout the day. Students learn about basic gardening by growing food and flowers on raised garden beds. A wide variety of birds, insects, fauna, and flora beckon to be identified during outdoor education classes. We have befriended a murder of crows that lives on our campus and its always a delight to see the occasional family of deer or rabbits. 

We are conveniently located at the end of the Shelby County Greenline, a 10.65 mile paved, urban trail that connects pedestrians and cyclists from Midtown to Cordova. Families, school running groups, and middle school students utilize the trail for exercise through the week.