Program Descriptions


Students 18 months through 36 months

Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that with stimulation a child’s ability to concentrate, absorb, and master new ideas and skills increases. The earlier a program of intellectual, physical, sensory and artistic education is begun the more dramatic the results.

The materials and activities in the Toddler environment recognize that children learn by doing. The Toddler environment is designed so that safe, attractive materials are always accessible and engage children in appropriate activities. Montessori Toddler teachers create a safe, loving atmosphere that makes for a trusting transition to school and puts children and parents at ease.

Early Childhood Program

Students ages 3 through Kindergarten

In this three-year program, Early Childhood students learn in multi-age settings. Their environment is filled with scientifically designed manipulatives that engage young learners. These Montessori materials ease students into beginning reading and mathematics. Practical life, sensorial and prewriting skills are developed. Students are also introduced to cultural studies, a foreign language, science, MakerSpace, music, art, physical education and beginning library skills. Students learn individually and in small groups.

Lower Elementary Program

Students ages 6 through 9 (first through third grades)

In this three-year program, Lower Elementary students learn in multi-age settings. Their environment is filled with materials designed to create interest in learning and their days present many opportunities for ‘big’ work that involves collaborations and research. Reading, mathematics, language, physical education, science, foreign language and cultural skills are developed within the Montessori curriculum. Music, MakerSpace, art, technology and library skills are enhanced through weekly lessons.

Upper Elementary Program

Students ages 9 through 12 (fourth through sixth grades)

In this three-year program, Upper elementary students learn in a multi-age setting. The Montessori curriculum at the Upper Elementary level is designed to support students in their academic growth toward abstract learning. Students learn through collaboration, individual work, small group work and whole class projects. Areas of leaning include reading, mathematics, language, science, foreign language, cultural studies, MakerSpace, music, art, physical education, technology and library skills. Annual projects include a science fair, book writing, drama productions and interactive learning experiences.