Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

March 20, 2018

Dates To Remember:

March 29: Parent-Teacher Conferences - No Classes
March 30: All School Holiday - No Classes
April 8  : Art Show, 2 PM

Welcome back!  Hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break!

We are excited to get “back to exploring and learning through play!”

Mrs. Snow went to the AMS Cincinnati conference over the break and had her suspensions reaffirmed that children NEED to be outside in nature!

If your child has rain/mud boots, please send them in.  We hope to get in some digging this week.

As you know learning is dirty work, so thank you for your patience and understanding during this sensitive period of your child’s life! We will focus on throwing and catching a ball, jumping, skipping and running too. 

It’s a pleasure to see the returning smiling faces.  Have a wonderful week!

Please remember to contact the front office 901-751-2000 to schedule your Parent-Teacher conference on Thursday, March 29th.

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