Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

January 10, 2018

We were so thrilled to reunite with all of the children this week in the toddler community!  A big welcome to Chamberlain and Moksha! The toddlers were very helpful assisting the new friends with the schedule and routine of the classroom.

Some of our highlights from this past week: we prepared snack by peeling oranges, bananas and scooping cereal.  We reviewed care for the environment with activities such as feeding the fish and watering the plants.  We created and counted with dot paints and refined fine motor skills and coordination as well as concentration through cutting with scissors. 

Just a few reminders, we try to go outside everyday if it is not blustery cold, so please send mittens, hats and scarves with your child.  Also, the toddler community thrives in independence!  Thank you for easy on and off clothes for toilet learning, and easy to open containers for lunch.  We really appreciate extra clothes, as learning is dirty work!  Please stock up your child’s bathroom cubby with diapers, clothes and wipes.  (We try to write reminders on the daily sheets that come home when items are getting low).

Thank you for a wonderful year, and cheers to 2018!  May we all be happy and healthy

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