Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

March 27, 2017

Thank you for coming to the conferences on Friday!  It is truly a joy to be able to connect with you and discuss your children and all their successes!

This week we will continue our “days of kindness” and explore peacock feathers “gently” and discuss being kind to others.

We also are making bird feeders with cheerios and pipe cleaners to hang on the trees outside, the children enjoyed it so much we will make more to bring home.  They are also really enjoying the Library books which have a common theme, of being the ‘big sister, or big brother’ which is wonderful association for our classroom ;0) As we have many that are expecting lil siblings soon!!!

Our art show is coming up, this Sunday at 2pm.  Each child will have a piece in the exhibit.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

As always thank you for your unwavering support and wishing you kindness all around you for a great week!

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