Toddler Program

Mrs. Karen Snow and Mrs. Millie Arbona

April 17, 2017

The children have been very interested in gathering leaves in the wheelbarrow and dumping them.  They work together gathering rocks and sticks too.  It is clear to see how they have grown socially, physically and academically as this year is winding down.  Our community is definitely a group of nature lovers!  We have been watching and listening to birds, squirrels and insects of all kinds…

We have been discussing spring and green.  We have green paint at the easel and green playdough to squeeze, roll and use shape cutters too.  We have a springtime sensory table with baby chicks.  The toddlers hold them with care and make “cheep” noises and discuss how many they have, and that they are soft and fluffy.  We also talk about living and non living, and that these chicks are not real.   The toddlers enjoy watching and observing the living fish in the classroom!

The toddlers have been using chalk outside too, making colorful creations.  This week we will add a water activity to the sensory table, to bring outside, beans that have started to sprout will be coming home this week, and we will explore bubbles!!

Enjoy this amazing sunshine and rain- it is bringing forth the most beautiful scenery! 

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