Toddler Curriculum

Montessori for children 18 months to 36 months

Dr. Montessori recognized that a child's ability to concentrate and gain new skills increases when provided an enriching, sensory-rich environment. The earlier a program of intellectual, physical, sensory and artistic education is begun, the more dramatic the results.

  • Practical Life Skills: The lessons of practical life support the emerging independence in the child by offering tasks of dressing, grooming and daily living.
  • Sensory Training: Sensorial activities challenge the younger child to to solve simple puzzles and to match objects by size, shape, or color.
  • Language: Language materials such as books, objects and pictures for naming are provided. The most important practice for language development is the conversation between the adult and the child.

  • Art: Art activities include basic creative work such as building, cutting paper, gluing, coloring with chalk and crayons, and painting.

  • Math: Math materials support beginning math skills of sorting objects, making patterns and simple counting.

  • Music: Toddlers are introduced to music in several ways such as singing with the group, finger plays and movement to music.