Curriculum: Upper Elementary

Montessori for students 9 through 12 years old, fourth through sixth grades

In this three-year program, Upper Elementary students learn in a multi-age setting. The Montessori curriculum at the Upper Elementary level is designed to support students in their academic growth toward abstract learning. Students learn through collaboration, individual work, small group work and whole class projects.

Areas of learning include reading, mathematics, language, science, foreign language, cultural studies, music, art, MakerSpace, physical education, technology and library skills. Annual projects include a science fair, "Battle of the Books", "Wax Museum", book writing, drama productions, and interactive learning experiences.


  • Students receive weekly instruction in the WonderLab and GeniusLab rooms of the MakerSpace. 
  • WonderLab focuses on building creativity through open-ended inquiry, design thinking, and engineering activities. 
  • GeniusLab builds critical thinking skills through Brain Games, electric circuitry, coding, robotics, 3-D printing, a Lego Lab, and more!
  • Classes also have Open Lab weekly.


  • Instruction in different media is offered and available on a daily basis.
  • Art activities are integrated in the classroom curriculum as an extension of learning.
  • Visiting guest artists regularly teach special classes on their craft.

Foreign Language

  • Instruction in Spanish vocabulary building, simple conversations skills and beginning reading lessons are offered twice weekly.
  • Supporting materials are available to students on a daily basis.


  • Library science lessons are offered in the library once a week. During this time students may check out books.

Orff Music

  • Instruction builds on Lower Elementary skills. Styles and periods of music are introduced, and students enjoy ensemble experience with recorder and Orff instruments.

Physical Education

  • Organized physical education classes are conducted on a weekly basis.


  • Computers are available in class for all students. Research, word processing, spread sheet and presentation applications are emphasized.