Lamplighter students have the opportunity to learn directly from some of the region's most talented artists. With well-established ties to the broader midsouth art community, Lamplighter has access to a wide range of talented professionals who love sharing their passion for art with kids. They have learned how to write songs from a popular singer-songwriter, designed and built an award-winning sculpture, created beautiful Memphis landscapes with a prominent painter, crafted whimsical balloon sculptures with a leading balloon artist, and learned traditional Indian dance postures. These working artists host workshops to talk to students about their chosen creative career, keys to their success and then teach them some of their signature techniques that have taken their art to the next level. Most importantly, a variety of creative professionals share their passion with students to spark inspiration.


Sculpture Design Workshop
with Youngblood Studio

Design process from conception to completion

Singer/Songwriter Workshop with Chuck Jones of Nashville
Lyric writing and song recording process

Musical Theater Workshop with Sydney Prather
Choreography and song performance

Indian Culture, Art, Food Workshop
Mandala candle holder making